Riedel - The Wine Glass Company

Riedel Crystal was founded 1756, with the single most premise of producing world’s best quality glass ware and have been in the business for the past 250 years. With strong roots in the heart of Europe, Riedel is known world -wide for the quality of glassware and decanters made to relish wine & savor spirits. Their designs and collections vary for every lifestyle and conducive for every wallet. The venture has quality glass ware in its blood, with the 10t and 11thgeneration of the family being at the helm of affairs. They are passionate about producing world class designer and exquisite ware to keep the customer continuously enthralled.


LSA International: Hand crafted Glass and porcelain

LSA is one of Europe's leading brands of contemporary hand crafted glass and porcelain. Each piece has a unique style and has the stamp of their Creative Director Monika Lubkowska-Jonas .The organization i was founded in the year 1960 and is managed by the Lubkowski family, who solely believe that the reason for their existence is the unique styling , original designs and the enduring quality all their products

LSA has been the reason of inspiration to an audience, whose lives centre around good living and aesthetics which govern their lives. Professional interior designers and internationally renowned hotel have also nestled their learning’s and inspiration in LSA products to adorn the world of hospitality


Dartington Crystals

A word renowned name, Dartington Crystals was founded in 1967 by a group of Swedish glassmakers who brought their hand making skills to rural North Devon to help start a very different and unique glass company.

Working with the finest natural materials, these craftsmen soon became famous for creating exquisite glassware, that would be used and appreciated. Today, Dartington Crystal continues to provide elegant, simple designs in crystal and glass.

Clean and contemporary designs with an eye for detail, Dartington combines the ultimate in function with eye-catching appeal to make it the perfect choice for home and a perfect choice for gifting.


Royal Brierlry

England's oldest and most famous brand, Royal Brierley is the longest established name in English Crystal; founded in 1776 as an independent family business, the heritage of Royal Brierley spans 300 years and 15 generations.
The fine tradition for English mouth-blown, hand cut lead crystal continues today, and Royal Brierley now features a selection of contemporary designs as well as more traditional style collections. Royal Brierley Glasses are the perfect compliment to fine dining or entertaining guests and makes the ideal gift for all occasions.


Arthur Price

Arthur Price is a family run company with more than 100 years’ expertise in creating quality cutlery, tableware and gifts. Over the past 100 years they have adorned the tables of everyone from the regal through to the notorious!