1. Why shape matters?

    Sternware consists of 3 parts: the bowl, stem and base.

    The height of the stem and the width of the base are part of the glass design (known as the architecture).

    Grape varietal specific stemware features finely-tuned glass bowls consisting of 3 variables: shape, size and rim diameter

    1. Bouquet: Grape varietal specific stemware is re­sponsible for delivering the quality and intensity of the wine's aroma
    2. Texture: Grape varietal specific stemware highlights the exciting and diverse styles of "mouthfeel" in wine (watery, creamy, silky, velvety).
    3. Flavor: Grape varietal specific stemware creates a ba­lanced interaction between the fruit, minerality, acidity and bitter components of a wine.
    4. Finish: Grape varietal specific stemware offers a pleasant, seamless, harmonious, and long lasting aftertaste.
  2. How to serve wine for maximum enjoyment?

    Glass hygiene: Serve beverages only in sparkling, clean, odorless glasses.

    Serving temperature: Do not over-chill white wines and sparkling wines; serve red wines below room temperature.

    Serving per glass: Maximum 3 to 5 oz/100/125 ml. Never over-pour the glass.

    The ample, gracious glass volume offers great wines the room to breathe and to express the unique message of the aroma.

  3. How can I find the right glass?

    Use stemmed glassware for fine dining and stemless for casual dining.

    Plan to invest ($) in ONE glass as much as you spend on average on a bottle of wine.

    When you choose a grape varietal specific RIEDEL glass, understand that it is built for a purpose and performs at its best with a specific type of wine.

    A grape varietal specific RIEDEL glass is a wine tool "the key to wine" and is designed to unlock the most elusive characteristics of a wine.

  4. Is there one glass for all my wines?

    The two most versatile shapes for red and white wines are the Ouverture Magnum and the Riesling Grand Cru/Chianti Classico (available in all varietal specific RIEDEL lines), but please remember: shape does matter for maximum intensity and total enjoyment of wine.

  5. How to care for your tableware?

    We suggest treating all handmade glass with care to keep it free from knocks, chips and scratches. Much of our porcelain is microwave and dishwasher safe however please refer to the main copy on this site for more detailed instructions of how to care for our glassware and porcelain.


    We suggest treating all handmade glass with care to keep it free from knocks, chips and scratches and recommend the following care instructions:

    • hand washing the glass in warm, soapy water and drying with a soft cloth
    • avoid the use of any abrasive detergents or materials when cleaning and drying the glass
    • unlike toughened glass, soda glass is not heat proof so please do not:
      • heat to excessive temperatures
      • heat or cool too quickly for the avoidance of thermal shock
    • handpainted products, in particular those with metallic paints, should be washed and dried with particular care
    • do not put glass in the microwave

    A range of our glass items are dishwasher safe. Our dishwasher safe guidelines are subject to testing under the following conditions:

    • dishwasher run on a cool cycle
    • a mild detergent is used
    • tested for up to 25 washes


    Porcelain is fine, translucent and strong and therefore ideal for use in the home. Our plain white porcelain is fired twice - a biscuit firing and a glaze firing - and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Decorated porcelain is fired for a third time.

    Our coloured porcelain may have been decorated in one of the following ways:

    • hand-painted / hand sprayed
    • transfer (sometimes referred to as decal; applied either 'in-glaze' or ' on-glaze')

    We recommend the following care instructions for our porcelain:

    • most of our porcelain is microwave and dishwasher safe and is back-stamped accordingly on the base
    • plain white porcelain is dishwasher safe
    • plain white porcelain may be warmed in the oven but is not oven-proof
    • items that are NOT marked dishwasher safe should be hand washed
    • do not put any items with a metallic décor in the microwave

    Our dishwasher safe guidelines are subject to testing under the following conditions:

    • dishwasher run on a cool cycle
    • a mild detergent is used
    • Tested for up to 25 washes


    A selection of our products are made using oak and ash from FSC 100% approved sources. To retain the material’s natural beauty and texture, some of our wood pieces are untreated and will age naturally. Should you wish to treat the natural wood you may use a food safe oil

    We recommend the following care options for all of our wood pieces:

    • clean with a soft cloth or damp cloth
    • do not leave immersed in water
    • do not use in a dishwasher
    • allow to dry naturally without heat
  6. Is my cutlery dishwasher safe?

    All Arthur Price cutlery is dishwasher safe, including our Arthur Price of England silver plated cutlery. We recommend you use a gentle detergent and ensure the rinse agent is topped up.